Talk20 Hutch Draws Large Crowd


Talk20 Hutch after hours at the Hutchinson Public Library on Friday drew a crowd of nearly 250 people. They were there to hear 10 community members share something about their lives. Each person gets 20 seconds to talk about each of 20 slides. The entire presentation is a little over six minutes.

This was the second Talk20 Hutch produced at the library. Videos were recorded by Greg Holmes and will all be available at in the coming days.

Kristen Garlow Piper shared her experience of being in a coma, and how she was changed when she woke up.

Julie Black shared her experience as a watercolor artist.

Presenters were as follows:

Ryan Corwin – Yes! I’m a nerd. No! I do not love Star Wars.
Julie Black – A Little Watercolor Whimsey
Jim French – Global Detente from a Farm in Center Township
Melanie Green – Hatching an Independent Bookstore
Tony Finlay – Did you know?
(10 minute intermission)
Kristen Garlow Piper – Deja Vu All Over Again
Kris Richardson – Flight
Jennifer Randall – The Publik Bike Station: The First Bike Share in Kansas
Maren Berblinger – Uniting People When Differences Divide
Christopher Wietrick – One Small Idea
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