Scott Brown of The Big Nasty Press Work on Display at the Hutchinson Art Center


The Big Nasty Press is offering a show called, “Graphis,” during the month of March at the Hutchinson Art Center at the corner of 5th and Washington. The show includes Digital Prints and Mobiles.

The Big Nasty Press was founded in 2012 by artist Scott Brown and his wife Michelle after acquiring a small proofing press. Brown says, “Named after my Labrador, the press holds a mission of education, exploration, and innovation through collaborative and independent projects. ‘Graphis’ represents our output since The Big Nasty’s founding.”

The exhibit ends March 30. It is free to visit the Hutchinson Art Center. It’s closed Sunday and Monday.  For more information contact the Hutchinson Art Center at 620-663-1081 or email

Some photos from the opening reception on March 6:


Scott Brown and Jocelyn Woodson


Scott Brown, Don Fullmer and Bill Sheldon

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