Toying Around Exhibit at Reno County Museum

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“Toying Around” is a new exhibit at the Reno County Museum in Hutchinson. The museum is located at the corner of Avenue A and Walnut Street, 100 S. Walnut Street. All of the toys in this exhibit represent the history of Reno County from the late 19th century until the last 20th century.

2015-08-11 16wIt wasn’t until the Industrial Revolution that the nature of toys and childhood both changed. When many families moved to cities and work became industrial, rather than agricultural, fewer hours were spent working and more time and money could be spent on leisure.

At the same time, toys were being mass-produced and were gradually becoming less expensive. For the first time in history, the focus of childhood became education and play.

Play is important for brain development as it allows children to express their creativity, build social and emotional skills, and use their imagination.

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