Truckstop Honeymoon Performs in Hutchinson

truckstophoneymoonTruckstop Honeymoon is performing at Stage 9 on September 3.

Hollering with all their hearts over a five string banjo and a doghouse bass, Truckstop Honeymoon live the life they sing about. Touring across three continents with four kids and a truck load of songs, Katie and Mike West tell stories about the strangeness of everyday life. Their music combines elements of bluegrass, music hall jazz and straight up rock’n’roll. Vaudevillian wit and showmanship spike their energetic live shows, while the fearless honesty of their songs touches the hearts of listeners around the world.

In eleven years Truckstop Honeymoon have released eight CDs and a full length documentary film on Baton Rouge label, Squirrel Records. They perform at International folk festivals, rock clubs, neighborhood bars, house concerts and hay barns from Nebraska to Tasmania.

Tickets on sale at and Apron Strings Kitchen Store. Tickets just $20 through August 27th, then go to $25 this show will likely sell out get your tickets early!

Ticket price includes your complimentary favorite refreshments during the reception and show.

Don’t miss this rare chance to see and hear Katie and Mike in Hutchinson!

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