Photography Events with Dave McKane in Hutchinson, Kansas

Dave McKane showing some of the light trails he photographed in Hutchinson on an earlier trip.

Dave McKane showing some of the light trails he photographed in Hutchinson on an earlier trip.

Dave McKane is presenting a “Dusk Photography Master Class” on Wednesday, September 4, at 6:30 p.m., at the Hutchinson Public Library, 901 North Main.

McKane is the Principal of the Institute of Photography in Dublin, Ireland. He has been shooting night and dusk photography for the last 20 years. Like many people, he started out shooting city-scapes at nighttime, and then discovered the magic of the “Blue Moment,” a time after sunset when cameras record an iridescent blue in the sky.

During this unique Master Class you will learn key elements of dusk/night photography including how to:

  • Research and identify great locations
  • Calculate when the Blue Moment will occur
  • Take control of the key camera settings for dusk and night photography to ensure the sharpest shots possible
  • Use light trails to add an extra something to your shots
  • Use and manipulate Raw files for the best control over exposure and white balance
  • Use of masks and layers in Photoshop/Elements to bring out all the important detail in your shots
  • Sharpening techniques for printing your shots

Immediately after the Master Class, students will reassemble in downtown Hutchinson near the Fox Theatre to practice what they’ve learned. Master Class attendees will receive special instruction as to how to squeeze the best out of the scene. Any kind of digital camera is suitable for this field trip, but a tripod is vital. A cable or remote release would be helpful, particularly if trying to capture light trails.

The Dusk Photography Master Class and hands-on photo shoot are free and open to everyone. Registration is requested online, contact Annette by phone, 620-663-5441 ext 132 or email . For more about Dave McKane arts, visit him on Facebook.

While in Hutchinson, Dave McCane is also doing a presentation about Ghost Houses of the Prairies. It’s set for August 29, beginning at 6:30 p.m., at 13 E Sherman at Studio 13.


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